Crystal Music

Sound Healing Meditation

l’aura and Danny Carroll


Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation
And Sound Bath

The Pink Full MoonSpring Forward!

7:00 pm  – 
8:30 pm
Westworth United Church
1750 Grosvenor Ave.

No Registration Required. Doors open at 6:35 pm
$25.00 (Suggested Cash Donation, at the door)
Part of the proceeds go to Harvest Manitoba

The pink full moon energy is about spring and the natural feelings of wanting to clear things
that need to be released.
The full moon also has supportive energy for you to help
manifest whatever you need to experience
and create more of in your life.
Rebirth, Growth and Renewal.

Sound Healing is a supportive vibrational energy you can feel. Danny and l’aura will be working with
the energy of the pink full moon to help create space for you
for manifesting possibilities, joy
and new perspectives in your life.
Our focus is to work with the vibration of music and sound
to help guide and support you
in whatever you may be needing
for your “Spring – Forward” journey at this time!

The grand piano and music within the soundscapes that Danny creates helps facilitate a gentle way for you to go within during our meditative experience. The crystal bowls l’aura plays works with keeping the vibration and energy moving as the focused healing and loving intentions are offered within the bowls,
vocal sounds, drum and other instruments.
When you put these together it’s a rich musical and meditative sound healing experience.

Danny and l’aura are looking forward to sharing this meditative and
sound healing time together with you!

Bring whatever you need for lying down or sitting comfort (mat, cushion, water bottle). The sound healing meditation begins at 7pm. Give yourself time to find your place to settle in before it begins.

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In gratitude, l’aura and Danny

If you know anyone who may need support with a Healing Meditation and Sound Bath
please share this information with them.
Thank you

‘With the help of our guides, music and sound healing intent, the goal of Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation is to hold space for you for inner transformation to happen. We create an environment that will support you on your journey into the deep places of relaxation, wonder and soul growth. With the aid of music, sound healing and meditation, you will journey into the realms of your wise healer, and be invited to enter the ‘field of all possibilities’….   l’aura and Danny Carroll

Sound Healing, Reiki, Meditation and energy work are not intended for diagnosis, treatment or cure of a disease. These techniques can assist the healing process by releasing tension, decreasing stress and encouraging a sense of increased well-being. They are relaxation therapies, and are a useful adjunct to licensed, qualified medical/psychological treatment and care.

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LIVE CRYSTAL MUSIC SOUND HEALING MEDITATION AND SOUND BATH THE PINK FULL MOON TUESDAY April 23, 2024 7:00 - 8:30 pm at WESTWORTH UNITED CHURCH 1750 GROSVENOR AVE - No Pre- Registration Required - If you wish to lie down please bring a mat and pillow or whatever you need to be comfortable. PAY BY CASH DONATION (Suggested cash donation at the door $25.00) Part of the proceeds will be donated to HARVEST MANITOBA - Doors open at 6:35pm.
Winnipeg, MB
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Winnipeg, MB

Live Clips of a Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation

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