Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation

About Us

About l’aura :
I am an intuitive/energy sound healer with more than 25 years of experience teaching different forms of meditation, energy work and sound healing, and it is one of my great passions. I really enjoy mindfulness meditation and Shamanic journeying. I incorporate them into guided sound healing meditations and activations. I facilitate sound healing meditation workshops for various organizations and businesses. I also lead small groups and classes, for that up close and personal experience of sound healing meditations. I enjoy working with Danny combining the energy healing, guidance and channeled sounds part of our meditations with his music – creating the whole experience together. I am also a Reiki Master/Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner. I practiced as a Reflexology practitioner for 20 years and am an Associate Member of the Reflexology Association of Canada

About Danny (B Mus (Composition), M Ed :
I am a professional musician (keyboards), composer and educator. I have composed, played and produced music and soundscapes for many Winnipeg theatres: Rainbow Stage, Royal Manitoba Theatre Centre, Prairie Theatre Exchange, Winnipeg Jewish Theatre, and Manitoba Theatre for Young People. Theatre composing connects me with creating soundscapes for a play, combining sound with the intent of the script. This experience has lead me to doing one of my favourite things – creating ‘live’ music for Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditations with l’aura.
You can hear me playing piano at the “Palm Room” of the Fort Garry Hotel and various musical engagements around the city. I have also taught music in Manitoba schools and Universities for over 32 years. www.dannycarroll.ca


SOUND HEALING is creating sound vibration along with an intent for healing.

Chakras and all parts of the body vibrate at different frequencies. A body is in a healthy state of being when each separate part creates a resonance that is in harmony with the whole being, creating wholeness. Crystal bowls vibrate the crystalline structure within us. Along with vocal overtoning and intent, these vibrations can shake up and clear outdated thoughts and information that do not serve you any longer, and your inner healer can be activated.
If you have been feeling tired and the need for change, our Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditations will give you the opportunity to recharge your batteries. The Healing Living Symbols presented in our meditations can help to boost your energy through the sounds and frequencies they generate. Meditation is used to reduce stress. It can help you create an inner environment of peace, strength and joy.


“I just wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure to be a part of the beautiful sound healing experience. I thought it was extremely well planned and performed. I was able to fully immerse myself in it from start to finish and couldn’t believe how fast the time went by. It was very effective to combine the guided imagery and the background keyboards with the bowls. I especially enjoyed the full effect of the bowls with the chanting.” Chris J.

“You’re sessions are very creative. You and Danny are really synchronized.” Jan J.

“Acoustics are wonderful in the church for the grand piano, crystal bowls and overtoning.” E.B.

“When we do non-traditional healing practices inside a traditional church, we’re opening and inviting people back into a sacred space, we need that. There is something sacred and healing of being in community.” D. Sidebottom

“I allow the sound vibrations to enter my body and move through my body. Just by that alone, I know there is healing going on – physical, emotional and spiritual.” L. Bachmann

What is Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation?

Our goal is to assist you on your journey through Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation toward reclaiming and connecting with your own inner healer, wholeness and well being.

We offer a unique music element to our crystal singing bowl meditations. As humans, we respond to music emotionally. Music conjures up feelings within us. The healing properties of music are something we can all relate to. Think about your favourite song – the one that makes you feel good at the end of a hard day. Music as healing works just like that.

When we combine the composed music with the acoustical harmonic spectrum of the crystal bowls vibration and l’aura’s vocal sounds, and add healing intention and mantras, we are able to feel the movement and vibration within our body along with the emotional music experience. This experience helps us to go within and be in the moment to focus on our own meditation.


In our venue we rent at the Home Street Church we are fortunate to have the use of an acoustic grand piano that Danny plays that can do BOTH: produce an emotional response to the music WHILE creating multitudes of healing acoustical sound.

Every Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation is a completely NEW and unique musical sound healing experience. Danny is inspired to create improvised music during the meditations along with meditative scores that he composes specifically for the Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation sessions.

Some of the instruments we use for our Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation sessions are: acoustic piano, electronic musical soundscapes, 19 crystal singing bowls, Tibetan bowls, drum, tuning forks, chimes, gong, guided vocal tones, chakra chants and mantras.

Disclaimer: Sound Healing, Reiki, Meditation and energy work are not intended for diagnosis, treatment or cure of a disease. These techniques can assist the healing process by releasing tension, decreasing stress and encouraging a sense of increased well-being. They are relaxation therapies, and are a useful adjunct to licensed, qualified medical/psychological treatment and care.