When Life Gives You a Crooked Trunk

We were out on our walk when I was drawn again to this tree with a crooked trunk. “A little leaning is ok, a little…

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Feel the vibrations of the crystal singing bowls with music and healing intentions in this relaxing meditation to help you to let go of stress.
Invite in the lightness, support and love of the angels and guides to comfort you.

Meditation, Artwork, healing intentions with Qi Love Tones
and Crystal Bowls by l’aura Carroll
Music by Danny Carroll



For the best sound quality we recommend using headphones.

Please do not operate a vehicle or machinery while listening to this sound healing meditation.

Looking for how to donate?
e-transfer to: info@crystalmusicsoundhealingmeditation.ca, or go to paypal.me/crystalmusicsound

If you wish to purchase music and meditations, we invite you to go to our BANDCAMP site: https://crystalmusicsoundhealingmeditation.bandcamp.com/track/relax-with-sounds-of-light-and-love
You can listen, or download the audio to your computer. Thank you.


Relax and drift into sleep with this gentle 20 minute guided crystal bowl, flute and music meditation. This sound healing is intended to help support and assist you in clearing the way as you manifest your heart’s desire.
Photos and music by Danny Carroll, meditation and bowls/chants by l’aura Carroll.

This 8 minute Bowl Bath video presents l’aura offering healing energy intentions and vibrations within the crystal singing bowls.
It’s a light filled experience of sound and colour.



The Altar – How to Create an Extension of Intention

What are altars? When you think of the word ‘altar’ you might think of a church. But in fact, it can be many things. Some people…

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This 6 minute meditation with l’aura incorporates beautiful lake energy,
the warmth of summer,
and relaxing musical undertones provided by Danny.



This relaxing 20 minute Sound Bath has a two minute introduction followed by 18 minutes of pure crystal singing bowls and relaxing musical undertones composed by Danny.

in gratitude
l’aura and Danny


Sound Healing Moment – Episode 6

“The Sound Healing of Nature”

Enjoy the sounds of the fall – water, birds, geese, crunching leaves – nature’s own Sound Healing experience!

in gratitude
l’aura and Danny


Experience the calm energy of the rock in this Sound Healing meditation with l’aura in a beautiful setting by the water.


Flute and Sacred Water!

Here is l’aura …. in a ‘Fairy Land’ …. playing the sounds of the flute as they mix their frequencies with the birds, the lapping drum of sacred water and an angry horse-fly!

in gratitude
l’aura and Danny