Download this 4 minute “OM” Mantra Mini-Meditation created by l’aura and Danny.
Perfect for a short ‘breather’ during the day, or to relax you in the evening!

To DOWNLOAD the Mantra Right Click HERE  and choose ‘Save Link As’

(Please do not listen to this track while operating a vehicle)

Listen – breathe and allow the vibrations and healing intentions within the OM to move through your body.
Engage – in the healing intentions by sounding the “OM” and letting it vibrate through your body,
and then, with gratitude, continue with the “OM” intention of oneness sending it around Mother Earth.

The seed of all creation.
Connecting with the Wholeness and Healing Within.
If you have any questions, or for more information, go to our Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation website HERE .

With the help of our guides, musical gifts and sound healing intent, our goal is to open space for transformation to happen as you are lead into the deep places of wonder.
You will be ‘tuned’ within the ‘Field of All Possibilities’ (l’aura and Danny Carroll)