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Here is your FREE meditation track – a 4 minute Mantra contemplation, with piano and crystal bowls,
composed by l’aura and Danny.

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FREE Meditation Track for Subscribers

Listen – breathe and allow the vibrations and healing intentions within the OM to move through your body.
Engage – in the healing intentions by sounding the “OM” and letting it vibrate through your body,
and then, with gratitude, continue with the “OM” intention of oneness sending it around Mother Earth.

The seed of all creation.
Connecting with the Wholeness and Healing Within.



Here is the You Tube link for our new Video – “Lifting Our Spirits” – A Sound Healing Meditation.

This meditation was composed and recorded by l’aura and Danny for our Newsletter Subscribers, to help us focus on the kindness and love that is the new energy spreading worldwide in the midst of hardships brought on by the Coronavirus. Even though we may feel like we are living in our separate ”bubbles”, this meditation experience is playful and light and the healing circle in the meditation invites us to have a connecting experience with others around the world in a loving and uplifting way.


You can also Download the “Lifting Our Spirits” meditation as  Two AUDIO tracks to keep on your computer/device so that you can access it at any time. This is available on our BANDCAMP site HERE .
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Please do not listen to these tracks while operating a vehicle.

‘With the help of our guides, musical gifts and sound healing intent, the goal of Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation is to hold space for you for inner transformation to happen. We create an environment that will support you on your journey into the deep places of relaxation, wonder, and soul growth. With the aid of music, sound healing, stories and meditation, you will journey into the realms of your wise healer, and be invited to enter the ‘field of all possibilities’.
(l’aura and Danny Carroll)