JOURNEY – A Qi Love Tone song


by l’aura and Danny Carroll – May, 2021


We are excited to share with you a special composition we created that contains intentional sound healing within it.

Danny started with creating the music and l’aura contributes the vibrations of the crystal singing bowls and flute. The vocal sounds you hear l’aura sing is what she calls Qi Love Tones. These are the sounds, intentions and activations of the Healing Living Symbols that she transmits into her sound healing work. When l’aura is sounding, it is within the Sacred Space of all possibilities that she enters, and offers it to you to receive.

We would love to hear how this sound healing music feels for you.

Enjoy this JOURNEY we offer here for you.

In love and gratitude,
Danny and l’aura

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For the best sound quality and sound healing benefit from the vibration of the bowls and music, we recommend using
headphones or ear buds to listen to this audio recording.

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(Please do not listen to this track while operating a vehicle)



Listen – breathe and allow the vibrations and healing intentions to move through your body.

Connecting with the Wholeness and Healing Within.