Are you experiencing stress, anxiety or pain? Having trouble sleeping, or feeling out of balance?
Do you want to feel more energy?

Book a private Sound Healing session with l’aura.

l’aura offers virtual sessions for Intuitive Sound Healing and Reiki. She connects with you by phone for part of the session while you relax at home. A recording of the virtual session specifically recorded for you will be sent to you, to continue your sound healing experience.

For more information and to book an appointment for virtual sessions, please contact l’aura at: 

Please leave a message about the nature of your request in your email. 

* Individual Energy/Sound Healing Virtual Sessions (by Phone, if in North America, or On Line) with a personalized downloadable sound healing recording sent directly to your inbox.- $90.00. (90 minute session).

Payment for Sessions/Recordings:
e-transfers are preferred at:

OR you can go to

Also payment by mail can also be arranged.


l’aura offers her intuitively guided musical soul song, guidance and over-toning during her sound healing meditations and sessions. l’aura offers Reiki within the healing sounds and the bowls and also transmits the unique frequencies and intentions of the Healing Living Symbols and their sounds during the meditations, sessions and individualized activated recordings. The Healing Living Symbols and vibrations help invite Sacred Space to occur where it’s needed. Sacred Space creates openings and possibilities with the specific support you need. Harmony occurs as you re-align with your natural Inner Wise Healer. This support is a form of energetic scaffolding which encourages you to access your highest potential.




Disclaimer: Sound Healing, Reiki, Meditation and energy work are not intended for diagnosis, treatment or cure of a disease. These techniques can assist the healing process by releasing tension, decreasing stress and encouraging a sense of increased well-being. They are relaxation therapies, and are a useful adjunct to licensed, qualified medical/psychological treatment and care.