Soul Growth and Potato Chips

Soul Growth and Potato Chips

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How My Blog Got its Name …..

Back in 2002 I practiced reflexology, reiki, and sound healing/energy and shamanic work at a business on Osborne Street with a group of wonderful massage therapists. I also ran small meditation groups in the evenings. One night, at the end of a wonderful and deep meditation, one of my meditation friends (Sherry) stayed after and was talking with me for a while about the depth we had gone into in the meditation and the imagery and teachings that had come to her. In what felt like a very serious reflective moment, I said, “what this really comes down to is soul growth”. Sherry piped in “and potato chips!” We looked at each other and started laughing! (Unbeknownst to me, during our conversation, Sherry was daydreaming about her upcoming walk home, and was looking forward to stopping at the grocery store to satisfy a craving for chips, which was an unusual thing for her!). I said, “well isn’t that what it’s all about – soul growth and potato chips! It’s all about balance.”

I knew immediately this was going to be my blog title – and Sherry, kindly, gave me her blessing. Thanks Sherry, for this wonderful memory! And thank you to all the people who joined in the many years of explorative meditation we have done since!

Blogging is really about capturing and sharing the unique adventures and things we learn along our paths, and that’s my intention here. I will be writing about my work, and about the spiritual/vibrational world and using my intuition as a guide on a regular basis. Some entries will have practical tools I will share with you that are easy and won’t take up much of your day. These will help with navigating earthly life and meditation, as well as the layers and platforms of the energetic realm. It is important to remember that growth is about reaching for attainable levels without striving for perfection. You still will be able to enjoy some potato chips!

It will be a pleasure to share these explorations with you here in “Soul Growth and Potato Chips”. I hope it will help you with wherever you are on your journey.

In gratitude,


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