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l’aura Carroll (RCRT) is an intuitive Sound Healer, Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, teacher and mentor with over two and a half decades of healing and meditation experience working with individuals and groups, and leading workshops and classes. l’aura plays a collection of crystal and Tibetan bowls, flute, gong and drum. Her natural, guided musical soul song, combined with her ‘Healing Living Symbols’, helps to shift and tune frequencies.
Danny Carroll (B Mus-Composition, M Ed) is a professional composer, musician and educator who creates magical and musical healing soundscapes with acoustic grand piano, electronic music and a variety of instruments and sounds.
To see more of Danny’s musical exploits visit:

A note for those who may not have been to our Sound Healing Meditation evenings before:
There is nothing you will be asked to participate in beyond the focus of your personal meditation and being open to the healing intentions offered. No meditation experience is necessary to achieve relaxation. The meditation will energetically meet you at whatever level of experience in meditation you are practicing.

The focus of our sound healing meditations is unconditional love and healing intentions. 
You are welcome to bring your crystals to be cleared and re-charged.


‘With the help of our guides, musical gifts and sound healing intent, the goal of Crystal Music Sound Healing Meditation is to hold space for you for inner transformation to happen. We create an environment that will support you on your journey into the deep places of relaxation, wonder, and soul growth. With the aid of music, sound healing, stories and meditation, you will journey into the realms of your wise healer, and be invited to enter the ‘field of all possibilities’.   (l’aura and Danny Carroll)