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When Life Gives You a Crooked Trunk

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We were out on our walk when I was drawn again to this tree with a crooked trunk. “A little leaning is ok, a little different isn’t always bad. It’s what you do with it is the lesson”. I felt it was teaching me this as I touched it’s trunk.

It found a way to live anyway, nature found a way. Perhaps it was under pressure for some reason when it was young and grew despite the hindrance or hardship it experienced. Its roots most likely grew stronger and deeper on one side to offer it support and hold it in place. And the branches compensated by growing out larger on one side as well to keep balanced. I’m sure the other trees near by didn’t snicker at it, more likely their underground system of roots went out to support as much as possible, when it was young. We are just starting to understand the kind of support and system they share with each other, energetically connecting and being.

We really can learn a lot from trees.

I know they don’t have to worry about “making a living”, they just are- about living, making what they need from the earth they are rooted in and the sun and rain they absorb. And faithfully year after year, trees offer their seeds of new life, to give what they have, to support the living with new growth they share freely.

When I connected with this wise teacher I felt that I too am a little different in my own way, and had pressures and hardships growing up that made my trunk a little lopsided, mostly on the inside. And although at this time I haven’t yet offered humanity the seeds in the form of perhaps the next invention to save thousands of lives like others with those abilities have, I do feel that what I’ve offered, like the tree -is life, is something helpful. I’m not just speaking of the children I brought into the world, although they are a most important miracle I had the pleasure of witnessing and helping to nurture along the way. I am speaking of the life I was given to experience and to share it in the best way I can. The odd vantage point I was given is unique to me as is for everyone having they’re own vantage point and abilities as well.

Perhaps my roots grew deeper on one side or my branches grew out a little further to compensate for the hardships. The end result or the viewpoint I share is of the sounds I hear and the sensing I feel of those physical and perhaps not so physical around me. And with this awareness or viewpoint I have particularly been given, I hope like the seeds of the tree, they are fruitful and nourishing in their own way to help others to feel better, and perhaps understand things they might not have the opportunity to experience otherwise.

And thanks to the wise tree as teacher, I feel a little more accepting of the form of a crooked trunk I am today : )

If you would like some support for what you feel is your crooked trunk part of life I would be happy to listen, and share what I offer.
If you are curious about the work I do you can contact me at my website.
Thank you. Looking forward to connecting. l’aura Carroll

I received this quote in my inbox after I wrote this today and found it timely and it feels so true!

“You are not IN the universe, you ARE the universe – an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person, but a focal point where the universe is becoming conscious of itself. What an amazing miracle.”

Eckhart Tolle

l’aura Carroll, Energy and Sound Healing Activations and Meditations.



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