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“Imagination is more important than knowledge” Albert Einstein

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I was recently reading a story about Albert Einstein. A young student asked him what to do to become smart like him; his answer was “read more fairy tales”. (Jean Houston interview, 2018)

Einstein believed it was imagination that was most important, even more than the intellect or knowledge.

I find it interesting that my strongest ‘suit’ that I live in is my imagination.

Using the creative muscles needed for imagination has become an important factor in the sound healing and guided meditation work I offer for people. Learning to strengthen these muscles has created a deeper understanding of the reality I operate within, when shifting into Sacred Space and creating a meditation environment for the ‘Field of Possibilities’.

My beginnings did have it’s challenges although this created fertile soil to grow this creative part of my life. The Grace I received to help me through this which happened to be passed down from my grandparents from both sides was that they were very intuitively ‘open’, and creative souls. There were sadly also a lot of unsettling and sorrowful experiences that were mixed within it. I do feel though that our family grew and learned from the grief and hardships they experienced and passed down layers of strengths as well, which adds to the energy work in helping to clear away any of the ancestral unfinished business that was carried through the generations.

I spent a lot of my childhood on my own or with my sisters playing in “make believe” worlds in nature and with our animals. I was left to my own resources in terms of developing my imagination and intuitive ‘muscles’. I ended up using this to make a sweet lemonade out of lemons, as I developed my imagination and intuitive skills along with a natural ability of working with sound in a unique and interesting way to help those around me. My guides whom I have been familiar with since childhood, have been very helpful, sharing their wisdom on a regular basis. All of this led me to deeper awareness of the psyche and opening possibilities beyond the ordinary space- time environment we operate in, in our daily lives.

In the ancient teachings of all of our ancestors from around the world, the shamanic influences or the “seers” of the original peoples taught lessons about how to go into non-ordinary reality, and how to reach into imagination and intuition and use it to step through and travel into other possible realities or catch glimpses of what was to come. It was a very important part in their assurance of survival through the ages: where the food was, or what places to avoid. The people who survived were the ones who listened to these “seers” and started learning this ability themselves when hunting or gathering. In our present day reality we think of imagination as child’s play and something for entertainment, we have lost the respect for this inherent teacher within us. Einstein, I believe, was in touch with this part of himself and that is why he held imagination in such high regard. Creative thinking is what will guide us all into our survival every time. Now, more than ever, I believe it is important to nourish and develop creative and intuitive thinking.

In the work that I have experienced, creativity is the stepping-stone of imagination, intuition and creative visualization. They lead us to the possible realities and inner joy we are meant to travel through, as a deeper part of our time spent here on earth, in our earth school!

l’aura Carroll September 2018.

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